Effectively Segment Your Database for Lead Nurturing

Leads4Businesses makes database segmentation effortless. We can build a highly targeted decision makers list very quickly. Targeting the right decision makers lets marketers display appropriate messages, which increases response rates and makes higher campaign ROI. Build multiple contact lists of decision makers based on a range of demographic and behavioral characteristics like job levels, job titles, industry etc. Run split test marketing campaigns on your segmented database to select the best approach to generate marketing qualified leads.

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There are thousands of techniques to segment your database. Use the behavioral tracking information from the email campaign sent such as email opens, web forms information submitted, landing pages viewed, videos played and more. on the other hand, use lead scoring or lead grading techniques to build a decision makers contact list of your targeted hottest prospects. Pull lists using demographics to launch key marketing events in specific regions.

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The most powerful database segmentation helps in Marketing Automation and Account Based Targeting

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